Care Centre


Care and support in a compassionate, homely setting.

The centre is designed to care for a maximum of 16 residents, with the focus on person centred care and support. Our qualified, experienced and dedicated staff give peace of mind to residents and their families.

The primary role of the Care Centre is to render care and support to individuals with physical, emotional and social needs which cannot be provided for in their own homes. Unfortunately, we are not geared to cater for residents who live with dementia.


Home Care and Support

Our care team also renders care and support care services to residents in their private homes. This includes daily prescription medication rounds and support services as per your personalized care plan.

Emergency Call-Out Services

Emergency call-out services are available, 24h per day. This can be accessed through a panic button, which includes a fall detector, or you can call the care centre directly.

Please do not hesitate to call the care centre for more information or to arrange for a personal visit.


Reception: 021 888 9430 |
Available Rooms: 
072 200 5544 |