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Liberté Trust has orchestrated the development of a fully equipped healthcare centre (HCC) which has been transferred to the la Clémence Home Owners’ Assocation. The initial management and staffing of the HCC has been set up by the Liberté Trust on behalf of the HOA. The HOA manage the employment or outsourcing of nursing staff, setting of tariffs and the control and subsidy of the HCC.

la Clémence boasts an ultra-modern healthcare centre that caters for the wellbeing of our residents.

The healthcare centre is well placed to meet both the primary and emergency medical needs of our residents. Primary healthcare services include a daily clinic, house visits for those unable to visit the clinic, blood pressure monitoring, attention to minor medical problems and reference to the resident’s personal doctor, when necessary. The cost of the primary health care is included in the monthly levy. Costs associated with procedures related to physiotherapy, chiropody and cost of medical supplies will be for the resident’s account. In addition to primary healthcare services, the healthcare unit offers an 18-bed frail care facility for both long and short-term stays.

Accommodation includes four single rooms, five double rooms and one four-bed ward, all looking out over the beautiful garden and tranquil surrounds.

Our patients are assured of expert 24-hour medical care, provided by the Trans-50 healthcare team. Quality care is paramount and the comfort and holistic wellbeing of our patients truly does come first.

We invite you to contact Ansie Breytenbach on 021 888 9429 for more information about the healthcare centre.

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