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The security and peace of mind of our residents is of prime concern. la Clémence can be accessed from only one entrance off the Webersvallei Road, directly opposite the entrance to Stellenbosch Square.

Here, security personnel keep strict control over the dedicated entrance lane for residents and a report lane for visitors. Visitors need to be signed in and will only be allowed into the estate after approval by a resident or member of personnel. All staff and personal domestic attendants will be screened and issued with security cards.

The perimeter is secured with a combination of solid wall, semi-permeable wall or palisade fence, with the added security of electric wiring. Any breach will be monitored from the entrance Gate House, which will alert the armed response personnel.

After thorough scrutiny, the la Clémence Home Owner’s Association (HOA) has appointed ADT as the security company of choice. The HOA member for Security works closely with the General Manager to maintain stringent security standards and watertight control over the management of this vital feature of la Clémence.

Home Owners’ Association (HOA)
All purchasers will become members of the la Clémence Home Owners’ Association (HOA).

The primary objective of the HOA is to manage the collective interests of the members, to collect levies and control the expenditure related to the operation of all the common property. The management of la Clémence is assigned to an experienced and competent HOA committee comprising six members, elected by the residents of la Clémence at the Annual General Meeting. Our residents can be confident that every decision is taken with the best interests of the estate in mind.

The HOA committee comprises members who are each responsible for one of the following specific portfolios, for which they have specialist knowledge:

a. Finances
b. Catering
c. Entertainment and culture
d. Landscaping and aesthetics
e. Security
f. Healthcare

Together, this umbrella body ensures the successful and smooth running of every aspect of la Clémence.

The HOA employs all the administration personnel, including a General Manager. Certain services – security, landscape architecture, catering and healthcare are currently outsourced to specialist service providers.

The day to day operation of a retirement village like la Clémence is financed by the levies paid by owners.

This cost represents the owners’ pro rata share of the operating expenses. Levies are calculated after consideration of the floor area of the dwelling (plan) and any other factors the Board of the HOA considers relevant.

The levy covers the costs of rates; sewerage; refuse removal; maintenance and insurance of the common property. It also finances the cost of security; garden maintenance and cost of water for irrigation of la Clémence; subsidisation of catering costs and primary healthcare.

A levy stabilisation fund has been established to control levy increases, subsidise the costs related to healthcare and to finance the long term maintenance of the facilities and buildings. Upon registration of transfer of all future resales, an amount of 10 (ten) percent of the (then) purchase price will be paid into the fund as income.

The Stellenbosch Municipality has imposed a condition in terms of which all successors, will have to pay 0.5 % of the gross selling price to the said municipality on each resale and transfer of the property.

Owners are permitted to let their properties (dwellings), subject to the qualifying age of 55 years referred to in the Deed of Sale and the approval of the Board. The conditions of the lease will be in accordance with approval sub-lease provided by the HOA.

A retirement village is just that... a unique community of like minded people who share a similar age, lifestyle, social and financial interests.

A qualifying age of 55 years for the residents of properties at la Clémence has been stipulated. The owners are entitled to nominate another natural person as occupant of the dwelling, provided such person or his life partner has reached the qualifying age.

Mutual respect is vital and underlies the rules of conduct which govern the use of communal facilities, and inter-resident relationships. Residents are encouraged to take full advantage of communal facilities while still being able to maintain and protect their preferred degree of privacy, property and investment.

A copy of the provisional conduct rules for la Clémence is available upon request.

Synopsis: Offer to Purchase

• Freehold ownership
• Contract is structured on plot and plan basis
• Payment structure for purchase price:
- 10 percent on signature
- 30 percent on registration of transfer
- 10 percent on completion of surface bed
- 10 percent on completion of superstructure to wall plate height
- 10 percent on completion roof cover
- 20 percent when dwelling can be locked - 10 percent upon completion
• Bond approval (if applicable) within 14 days after acceptance
• Guarantees for balance of purchase price within 21 days after acceptance
• Dwelling completed within eight months after the commencement date (subject to conditions)
• Membership of the Home Owners’ Association compulsory
• Quality finishes recorded in Schedule of Specifications
• All boundary walls, driveways and a landscaped private garden with automatic irrigation is included
• Purchase price is all inclusive. All costs related to transfer; VAT; conveyancers’ costs and the NHBRC enrolment are included.

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