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Frail Care
The primary role of the frail care centre is to render care to individuals with physical, psychological, emotional and social needs that cannot be met within one’s own home.

The frail care centre caters for a wide range of care services, with beds available for short- or long-term stays, rehabilitative care, palliative care or end of life care.

The focus of care is the management of acute and chronic disease as well as the physical frailty or disability of the individual. The service includes the monitoring and implementation of safe care and services to the individual. Care includes the ongoing assessment of the individual’s health status and changes to the care plan or regime of the individual to address such changes.

Individuals are admitted to the frail care unit once their ability to independently care for their physical, psychological or emotional well-being is diminished. Frail care services could also be for rehabilitation purposes. Individuals are admitted for shorter periods after hospitalization or surgery. The Clinical care Manager will, in consultation with the individual's specialist physician or surgeon discuss, plan and implement a nursing regime for the rehabilitation of such an individual.

Frail Care Services can include one or more of the following:

  • Assistance with hygiene/bath/shower/wash/mouthcare/hair care/nail care/dressing
    and undressing
  • Assistance with incontinence care/toileting
  • Assistance with nutritional needs/feeding/tube feeding/nasogastric feeds
  • Assistance with mobility/assisted walking/excercise/transferring
  • Prevention of pressure ulcers: Risk identification and prevention
  • Maintaining homeostatis/preventing dehydration/monitoring of intake and output
  • Preventing injuries and falls: Risk identification and prevention
  • Care of wounds
  • Order, receive, administer and monitor medication and the effect of the individua;
  • Care and nursing reports on every individual and in line with legislation
  • Complete assessment on every individual with admission
  • Complete holistic care plan for each individual
  • Individual lifestyle care plan for each individual
  • Re-assessments on the individual with change of health status
  • Referral to external support services as and if needed.

Home care
Ideally, any recuperation from ill health takes place within the comfort and familiar surroundings of one’s own home. The frail care services listed above are also available to residents of la Clémence in their homes.

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